Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Panda Pride! OxFringe 2012

It all started with a throwaway comment in a cafe about how Edinburgh Zoo must be bankrupting itself renting two giant pandas for £300k each per panda per year, and how pandas were now earning as much as some investment bankers, let alone humans! 

Four months later my friend Oliver Gozzard and I are set to don giant panda suits to explore the 'panda pound' in a hopefully packed Turl Street Kitchen, Turl Street, Oxford, on Sunday 3rd June 6pm-7pm as part of OxFringe 2012. 

As well as exploring the 'panda pound' our furry heroes and natural clowns of the animal world naturally get up to some mischief as they set about obtaining their Oxford degrees and resisting human pressure to procreate. 

Or official description as follows: 

Oxford Botanic Gardens hire two giant pandas, BamBam and BooBoo, to boost visitor numbers. However, the dizzy duo refuse to behave, quickly descending into rare bud binges, stem addiction and, tragically, panda poetry - before asserting their rights as a persecuted minority and giving world domination a go. Panda-monium ensues!

Hope to see you there if you will be in the vicinity. Admission £7 or £5 (concessions and pandas). Available from or on door.