Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Torturing the Elderly...

I recently went for a job managing the premises of a care home complex and was horrified to find that post-Freedom day, post jab, the poor residents (now inmates) had fewer human freedoms than a Category A prisoner!
And despite life in the city/on the beach being pretty well completely back to normal less than a mile away.
I mean some of these folk are in the final months/weeks of their natural lives anyway, so to deprive them of anything they want or restrict family and friend access is totally out of order. Cruelty, no less, since those with dementia are unlikely to be able to comprehend why they are being treated like this.
And wasn't the wonderjab supposed to protect them from the rona? 
Didn't BoJo tell us around this time last year that once the elderly and vulnerable were 'done' all restrictions would be lifted?
So much for care home 'dignity and respect' policies. So much for BoJo and his bogus promises.
Needless to say I dodged a bullet with that role. Apart from the bs, I couldn't bear to have been complicit in and witness to that level of human cruelty.
Weeks later, we are now hearing that thanks to govt's attempts to mandate the jibjab for staff or they lose their jobs, some care homes are lacking enough staff to get residents up, washed and dressed in the mornings! Some may even have to close!
Things just get worse and worse for poor care home residents, and paying through the nose for such treatment, to add insult to injury. So much for 'safeguarding' issues. These appear to be completely out the window now. I wouldn't be surprised if corporate manslaughter charges are eventually brought by some families.
It is literally criminal what is going on in the care homes.
And none of it's the law, just govt 'guidelines' (which are differently interpreted by each establishment.) Even more alarmingly, when I looked at the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) report for the establishment where I had an interview the CQC were clearly now ONLY judging care homes on their rona-prevention measures, not the actual quality of care and how residents are treated.

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