Monday, 25 February 2013

Horsegate (what would Mr Ed say?)

Where’s the Beef?

A horse is a horse of course of course
Unless it’s a Findus Lasagne of course
It’s not always a steady course
Talk to those misled.
‘Meat is murder’ sang the Smiths
Meat is 29% according to Aldi
So should you feel 71% less guilty
Like that smug vegetarian?
Who can look Dobbin in the eye?
Enjoying the view from the moral high ground
As lesser mortals they decry?
Will you remain a demi-vegetarian by proxy,
Or are you game for something foxy?
When price drives demand roadkill
To keep down that weekly food bill
And Heston’s produced a tasty badger roulade
As an alternative to the remains of a knacker’s yard
With prickly hedgehog fool for dessert
Or will the deceit of your receipt
 Incite you to put your money where your mouth is
In favour of farm-fresh, free-range, organic, well-bred breast-fed, university-educated rare-breed animals
You’ve known since they were hatched and on first name terms
Paying the price for food to be what it says on the can
Reading between the labels, we should delete this food spam
Let’s send the kebab van packing and the burger too
Say no to hors for our h'ouevre
Demand the truth about marscapone
Drink milk from the UK not the Ukraine
And support British farmers and fishermen again. 
 ©LS King 2013