Thursday, 28 July 2016

Revenge Poem to a Former Housemate

Controlling The Weather

When you swear
You pollute the air
You say you're green
Yet can't keep it clean
You turn it blue
Shame on you
You claim to use hate to punctuate
Your narrative, my will to live
I suspect it's more to hide
A void inside
Or that you're about as articulate
As an invertebrate
A poor ambassador for our race
Should they visit from Outer Space
When you swear
You pollute the air
Turn it ugly and stormy
Where it was blue sky and balmy
Don't walk, run
From those who spite the sun.

LS King 2016

You know who you are...

Monday, 18 July 2016

Coming Soon to A Town Near You...

City Heritage Tour 2043

This blue plaque marks the spot of the last shop
And this plaque marks the spot of the last Library
This is a statue of a scholar where the College once stood
And here is a hologram of the old Victorian pier
To give a bit of atmosphere
Next we have a living museum of a drinking establishment
Known as a pub
You can have a Latte shake here at the end of the tour
Over here stood the Regency theatre
Over there, the Art Deco cinema
Next to it a Gothic-inspired church, would you believe?
This blue plaque marks where the market was
Before it became a block of living pods
And you'll laugh when I tell you
But this used to be a Post Office
Lastly we have a plaque to commemorate the public toilets
The last of their kind
Now we're digitising humankind

LS King 2016