Friday, 11 January 2008

Men At Your Feet

Display bra-and-thong plumage in the office
And demand to be taken seriously
On a par with your male colleagues in their crop-shirted glory
For you're as good as any man in plunge-trousered suit
That you're worth equal pay for equal fabric is not in dispute.
But can you blame poor men for being confused, when you dress 'Come hither', then point-blank refuse?
(and if you're feeling mean, report them to HR)
What are you trying to prove?
That you've found esteem but mislaid self-respect,
That while you're not one, you reserve the right to dress as a sex object?
Do you want men at your feet, on and by your side, or merely annoyed?
Does that aggressive push-up lace front hide a gaping inner void,
Waiting for the 'right' man to complete you, perchance?
Attracting men you don't fancy or who use, when you yearn love and romance?
Sure, you can wear what you want and have every right to
Just ask yourself who you're doing it for, and stand up the real you!
Never mind male power, overcoming herd power is what I call girl power!

©LS King 2008


The Sagittarian said...

That is great! I actually work with someone who has her jiggly bits regularly on display, this poem of yours sums up what the rest of us in the office think! Well done. Time and place for everything.

Steve said...

If my boss displayed his jiggly bits I'd resign on the spot...

Anonymous said...

we don't seem to get a lot of that at the University. The place is so effing cold that the jiggly bits would freeze on the spot.

But yeah, it is unreasonable to dress in that fashion and be expected to be taken seriously. I find it hard to believe that anyone who dresses like that can actually think seriously. If I wear anything that is low-cut I spend the whole time worrying that I am going to fall out, so there is no way I could give a lecture or say anything useful to anyone!

The Sagittarian said...

The "joke" really is on her I reckon...being a consultant and not an employee, so some of us refer to her as the Conslutant. Oh er!! It really does go to how you want people to take you and what you are um "offering" - simply, if you want to be taken seriously it is sad but true - ya gotta cover most of it up.

Rol Hirst said...


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Save *something* for the bedroom! is my philosophy...

Not that I wear starched collars buttoned up to the chin or anything. I think it's possible to look attractive without being too up-front, as it were!

What bothers me is not just the fear of a colleague bursting her busty banks in front of me, but whether or not she's actually thought through the message she's putting out. Does she really mean to advertise herself to every man or just those she whom actually likes? What is she saying about herself? That she is available or that she is not? That she takes herself seriously as a professional or not? Does she herself really think that she dresses attractively or appropriately? What has she got left to go clubbing in if that's what she wears to work?

Steve said...

"busty banks"


As someone who collects double entendres and euphemisms I'd like to thank you all for enriching my collection. Superb!

Dan said...

"bursting her busty banks" should definitely be incorporated in the poem itself, it is an excellent line!