Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Gok Shock (Is he a closet heterophobe?)

Although a self-confessed binge makeover show addict, Help, I'm a Binge Makeover Show Addict!, I must confess that Channel 4's 'How to Look Good Naked' has always left me somewhat cold.

Firstly I find it hard to buy into such a ridiculous premise - that women would need help with posing on catwalks, billboards and in shopping centres naked and secondly, there is not enough uplifting life change at the end, or indeed enough free goodies on offer to make it worth applying! Secondly I've always found the presenter, the bizarre-looking Gok Wan deeply disturbing and been unconvinced that he actually likes women that much, despite all the media raving about him and how he has made it his life's mission to boost flagging female self-esteem.

Now it seems one of the professional models used in the series to flank Gok Wan's makeover subjects has broken cover to reveal that he actually likes to scream every slang term for 'prostitute' that he can think of at them when the cameras stop rolling and pays a mere £100 a day. She was so traumatised after working on the show for three days that she is now profoundly unconfident about her own attractiveness and finds it hard to work. How To Feel Bad Naked

But of course it's the most natural thing in the world that someone who genuinely loves women would seek to help them humiliate themselves in the buff in public. Who could question it? But at least it keeps Gok off the streets and hey, I really wouldn't meet him on a dark night - he's scary looking enough in the day!

Considering how badly Mr Wan, Trinny & Susannah and many other makeover divas dress themselves, and their questionable forays into client psychology, perhaps it is time there was a makeover series to makeover the TV makeover stars from tip to toe, not to mention give them a check-up from the neck up while they're about it! If it's all about chasing ratings, I can see this being a winner.


Crimzen Creative said...

Oh my, you have me rolling on the floor over this post! I must admit that I have been away from the TV for too long but I did hear about this show - I think the US version may have a different host? But, yours is certainly scary and I like your show idea :)

KAZ said...

Hey - what a brilliant idea Laura.
I'd love to give Trinny and Susannah a makeover. They always look appalling - more like Hinge and Brackett.
However, they do seem to give good advice (and good money) to their 'clients'. Perhaps they use a different stylist.

Steve said...

How sad. I must admit I quite like Gok... do hope this is just a case of sour grapes and isn't true.

MarkF said...

Looking at the picture of him it seems to me his biggest issue now is the fact that he looks like Mark Lemarr...

Rol said...

I was convinced Steve was going to complain about the lack of actual nakedness in the show... ;-)

moi said...

Nekkid is a bad look for about 87.64 percent of the human population. And looking good in the buff is, to Moi, entirely beside the point. Looking good in an Oscar de la Renta party dress and heels to match, well, that's a different matter.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get makeover shows - I am clearly defective in some way and need a makeover all of my own because I just don't see the appeal of them.

This Gok guy looks a bit weird but you don't want to believe anything you read in The Daily Mail. It's such a weird rag though - cos I clicked on your link and then ended up reading other rubbish whilst I was there. It was strangely compelling, like visiting a different world or something.

But if you get this makeover of makeover hosts show off the ground I promise I will watch it. Sounds like it could be a winner actually.

Steve said...

Rol, my naked needs are well catered for by the adult channels that Mr Branson offers on his superlative (cough cough) Virgin Media service.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Not Mrs Bloggertropolis GTi then Steve?

Tut, tut. Think she'll have to pull the plug on you! Joking aside, thought I'd better intevene here before all the nakedness gets out of hand!

Dear oh dear, it seems impossible to speak of this things without one double-entendre after another ensuing!

Lady Language, Gok is all yours if you want him! I'll even wrap him up and put a nice bow on top!
Kaz, Comparing our Trinny & Susanne to Hinge (aka Tranny) and Brackett (Hackette) - you wag, you!
Steve, again Gok is all yours if you want him. Am most impressed it took Rol to remind you there was anyone naked on the show as well anyway!
Mark F, do we feel sorriest for Gok or Mark Lemarr? (whatever happened to him?)
Rol, you're incorrigable! Just when Steve was being serious too!
Moi, I've long suspected those with the worst bodies are all nudists, same as those with the most ample butts always insist on leggings. Personally my bodywork isn't the worst, but I feel the cold too much and would question my motives!
RB - You are a paragon of not watching life-wasting makeover shows! Re the Daily Mail, like comedian Marcus Brigstock, I only read it to make me angry enough to write (and for kitty litter when I get a cat)! Though this particular story did have a ring of truth about it & it wasn't a slow news day, so it might even be true.

The Sagittarian said...

I am not sure why I'm drawn to some of these "lab-rat TV" programmes! But I do like your idea of a show, Poet.