Sunday, 23 August 2009

Artistic Yearnings

I have always wished I could paint but it is amazing the effects you can get with a cheap out-of-focus digital camera. This was Port Meadow in Oxford this morning doing a good job of pretending to be 1909.

Don't you just love the way the animals are all lined up like those Britains plastic farm animals?

You never know. This could be a latter-day Haywain. Which reminds me I must get back to penning my forthcoming best-seller 'The Constable Code' solving the mystery of why so many thousands of people bought that print to hang above the mantelpiece on their living room walls. I am sure there must be some complicated mathematical equation behind it all. Not to mention Opus Dei.

A strange bird I found in my garden. I think it might be related to the Magpie family.

I haven't been able to afford a holiday this year, but these are some snaps I took on a weekend in Brighton for a family reunion in May to celebrate my mother's 70th.


Dan said...

Lovely bucolic scenes - almost better for being out of focus, somehow!

Wisewebwoman said...

Amazing pics, Laura.
But I'm really waiting to hear your
"Ode to a Frozen Doughnut" on the last.

Steve said...

Nice to know England's Pastoral past is not so far behind us... wonderful pictures. Do you fancy having a go at something a little more pre-Raphaelite?

The Sagittarian said...

Great photos! I am now also trying to recall why I so desperately wanted a print of the Haywain for my 21st birthday - which I did get, and still have but it is now leaning against the wall behind a door! Better put me down for Chapter 4.

garfer said...

I'm afraid I would have included Mods, looking for Rockers to kick.

Unfortunately I have to settle for the Scottish wildcat, a pugnacious but poor substitute.

KAZ said...

Ah 'The Constable Code'.
I already pencilled out the plot of The Dali Code when I was in Catalunya.
Lots of Cathars and Monasteries around there - not to mention brothels.

teeni said...

Ah, hahaha! I love the "magpie" in your garden and all the lovely photos, Laura! I really enjoyed seeing them and have missed visiting over here. I hope you are well! I am going to scroll back a bit and see what you have been up to. I have a few days off school so will try to do a bit of catch up! :)

Donn said...

Outstanding imagery.
I still pucker-up when I think about having a mortificating albino chasing me around the countryside.

I really lurve the merry-go-round ... so relaxing...


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Thanks Dan

So many odes, so little time WWW. Thanks.

Steve I would, but it's always so hard to be inspired with self-portraits. I never know what to paint.

Sagittarian, what an unusual 21 year old you are! The Haywain is usually favoured by people's grandparents over here.

Garfer, I look forward to seeing your variation on the theme!

Kaz, I look forward to getting my mitts on 'The Dali Code' - we can review each other for blockbuster dustjacket quotes!

Welcome back Teeni - yes he was quite a cute magpie wasn't he? And I sypmpathise on the sporadic blogging front - am working weekends for the next goodness knows how long too!

Donn - thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed your smooch with the albino! ;- )