Sunday, 18 July 2010

Best in Class (or possibly not)

Tomorrow's Prime Ministers

Slack-hipped in slouch jeans, they waddle across the road as if they haven't a care
Contemptuous bovine stare for any motorist who might dare
To urge them to hurry their pace or perhaps deign to look before they cross.
It's as if the Green Cross Code Man never was, as if they don't give a toss
For their own lives or yours, even without substances filled,
Kamikaze cyclists whizz past just as badly in need of Highway Code drilled.
Yesterday I affixed a student chaser to my front grille
To avoid another garage bill
When I got home I found a brace of students neatly scooped
Which I will hang until gamey and tasting of goose.

LS King 2010

Rather worryingly I have seen increasing numbers of older people seemingly just as blase about their health and safety and regarding cars rather as a ruminent might if one entered its field.


Steve said...

Sadly students, if left to hang, end up pustulating and smelling of Biactol. Choosing a nice accompanying red is going to be a nightmare.

The Sagittarian said...

Madness. Eevery morning when I take our youngest to school I have to dodge casual students as they cross where they like, ignoring the crossing 10 metres over!! Then at the school itself, students hang about as a group near the in/out gate and give us the fingers as we try and get them out of the way so the traffic can pass safely! Insolent wee sods, where can I get one of those Student Pusher Grills??

Nota Bene said...

Is this the governments way of reducing the student population....

Wisewebwoman said...

I'd recommend the smokehouse to give the harvest a more gourmet flavour more suitable for entertaining.

Dan said...

Cameron gave Obama a spraycan painting by this "renegade" street artist named EINE. Is nothing sacred?

I think the avant-garde is now officially, fully assimilated.

Students forge us a gift, it's often been said,
For all our futures - for a world better led!
That's till you see them, still languishing in bed,
When all bets are off - or that's what I read.

HA, Daily Mail Reader! Hehe. Let's not get too narky about your clients...


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Steve, perhaps that is not a risk I am willing to take after all.

The Sagittarian. Sorry to hear things are just as bad in NZ. Am afraid I haven't yet invented the Student Chaser attachment, but refreshing to know they'd be a market for them!

NotaBene - well they've got to do something, churning out more graduates than society can possibly use.

Thank you for that valuable culinary tip WWW!

Dan, yes, but what SAUCE would you recommend for a well-hung graduate?

Dan said...

Haha, very funny pun on the poem!