Tuesday, 17 July 2012



I’m a failure as a woman – I don’t hate myself like I should

I don’t wish I looked like someone else, I quite like my food.

I don’t flaunt myself in skimpy tops and crops and then bemoan

The quality of male life I attract is akin to that beneath a stone!

I have confidence my body clock won't detonate if I don't reproduce

I don't mind getting older as long as I don’t resemble a moose.

I'm a failure as a woman - I don't agonise about my weight

I don't regard the currents of my exes with red-misted hate

I'm a failure as a woman – I don’t read our magazines

That pose as our friends while undermining our self-esteems

Telling us what to think, do, fear and wear this season.

I choose sanity, free-thinking individuality and reason.

I’m a failure as a woman – just don’t conform to the norm

Though I do have a hang-up about my lack of insecurities...

©LS King 2012


Anonymous said...

That my girl!

Steve said...

Sounds to me like you've got life sussed...


I'm clearly a successful woman! I LOVE my food though.

Wisewebwoman said...

Success, dear Laura, is what you have.

The shallows float to the surface, the rest of us are further down. Lurking. Happy. Fulfilled.


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