Saturday, 2 August 2014

Pennies From Heaven

Either the angels love me or the denizens of Brighton are particularly careless with their small change. I currently have £2.13 of coins in my mid-purse compartment, or 'angel money' as its commonly known, despite raiding it for the odd penny of small change.

My partner often teases me about my ability to spot a glinting, or even slightly muddy, coin on the ground from at least ten paces in any light. People often give me funny looks when I pick it up as if I must be a particular tight wad. They just don't understand! It's ANGEL money, I tell you!

'See a penny. Pick it up. Then all day you'll have good luck.'

My partner's mother is an exceptional woman. She always leaves the coins for a child to find and delight in picking up. She is a much nicer person than me.

My partner often complains that he never finds money in the street. Then one day last week, walking along the seafront, he trumped me by finding a tenner! Let's hope that's the next 1000 days of good luck sorted for him.

I have often been tempted to pass on some angel coins to a street person down on their luck to give them luck. But I fear their disgusted expression too much. Most people just don't understand...


Wisewebwoman said...

Angel money: I heard once that it has to used for good and kept separate in one's purse, and invested carefully it will yield more "good".


Steve said...

I once found a twenty pound note wafting down the street. That was a bloody good day for me but a bad one for someone else, I fear.

Marginalia said...

I found a £10 note in the street. I recycled it. Doing my part to keep M3 on track.

Nota Bene said...

I never knew it was called Angel money...I too always pick it up...

The Poet Laura-eate said...

WWW, I also keep mine separate, though occasionally naughtily dip into it when short of a penny or two.

I do hope you enjoyed 2000 days of good luck Steve!

Quite Barry.

Well your instincts must have told you Notabene