Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Dress

As a 5'11" individual with shoulders, which females are not allowed to have, it used to be quite a challenge to buy ladies clothes to fit and I would often end up wearing men's jeans and tops.

In my late 20s I decided to embark on a course of evening classes to learn to dressmake.

Here I am (with a friend) wearing the sum total of three years' weekly night classes at my local Further Ed College, though I also made a somewhat physics-defying brown velvet shoulder bag (not seen here).

I just couldn't think in 3D it seems. My long-suffering tutor Christine did not seem too upset that I decided not to embark on a 4th year.

Luckily female fashion for taller girls has since become a little easier to come by.

I still quite miss my dress though (lost in the mists of various house moves).  Maxi with a capital M and made of canvas a sailor would be proud of. I really can't be doing with all these pathetic spaghetti straps, which are no support to a big girl like me anyway.


Bobbins said...

'I just couldn't think in 3D it seems.'
Funnily enough that's what got Khan in Star trek II. :)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

: - )

Wisewebwoman said...

I truly love that dress, but then again I'm an inveterate thrift store scrounger and former dressmaker (seriously - self taught).

Steve said...

You are truly a renaissance woman.

Anonymous said... Sorry this is off-topic, I just remembered you writing about this. What a depressing mess.

The Sagittarian said...

Both my girls are tall...wheras I am a mere 5ft 3"...forever making clothes out of the jeans cut offs!!