Sunday, 18 October 2015

End Anti-black Prejudice Towards Cats!

says Django, who points out that his selfies are just as good as any other moggy's! In addition he is lucky, lucky, lucky and fun, fun, fun! So no more looking down on his bro's and abandoning them, ok?


Anne Roy said...

I had an all black cat for 17 years aside from about 3 white hairs one could only see if you fluffed up the under chin hair) ... name of Behemoth from The Master & Margarita ... a charming cat who only like a few people ... those who were quiet & still ...

What sound is more comforting & soothing than that of a cat purring?

Cdn Anne in England

Wisewebwoman said...

Ah I fondly remember my Walter a huge black tom, not a speck of another colour on him, went walking with my dogs to the astonishment of all passersby, fearless and magnificent. His best friend was a german shepherd 2 doors down, they would roll together on the lawns. Oh the stories I could tell you!