Monday, 18 July 2016

Coming Soon to A Town Near You...

City Heritage Tour 2043

This blue plaque marks the spot of the last shop
And this plaque marks the spot of the last Library
This is a statue of a scholar where the College once stood
And here is a hologram of the old Victorian pier
To give a bit of atmosphere
Next we have a living museum of a drinking establishment
Known as a pub
You can have a Latte shake here at the end of the tour
Over here stood the Regency theatre
Over there, the Art Deco cinema
Next to it a Gothic-inspired church, would you believe?
This blue plaque marks where the market was
Before it became a block of living pods
And you'll laugh when I tell you
But this used to be a Post Office
Lastly we have a plaque to commemorate the public toilets
The last of their kind
Now we're digitising humankind

LS King 2016

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Wisewebwoman said...

Paving paradise as Joni had it. Lovely twist on a sad theme