Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ode to Superfood

Having been brought up in a 'macrobiotic' household long before such things were fashionable (my first chick peas were served to me in a petri dish at the age of six, for goodness sake!), I find myself both astonished and bemused by the cult of 'clean food' that is now all around me and the millennials trying to outdo each other on various Facebook groups with vegan oneupmanship, not to mention the not at all morally dubious trolling of any vegan novice who dares to commit a crime such as spreading honey on their toast or letting their child enter an egg and spoon race with a real egg!

However, while it's great to have access to so many amazing new foods, I do wonder about the environmental impact of having up to a dozen exotic ingredients from as many countries on each plate! Talking of which - I never bother with any other but Hawaiian Spirulina dahling - the rest is very second rate...

Clean Food for Free Radicals

Hands up all you atheists whose body is a temple
Hark at my green example
All hail, mighty Kale!
Seaweed, Flaxseed,
Green tea, Broccoli
Porcini, Zucchini
Swiss Apple, Saw Palmetto
Couscous, Sweet Potato
Omega, it’s Wheat Grass!
Those go-to berries, Goji Berries,
Cousins Blueberry and Cranberry
Black Raspberries, Morello Cherry
Pomegranate and Kiwi
Sesame, Carrot, Wasabi
Ginseng, the man root
Asparagus and Beetroot
If you’re not too Quinoa
On Courgette spaghetti Cauliflower
Pass the Pumpkin creamed Starflower
Avocado, Heritage Tomato
Pineapple, Mango risotto,  
Raisins Muscat, Dates Medjool
Papaya, don’t preach
I’m in fuzzy Peach
Just like a Pear in Himalayan rock salt
Raisins from Red Grapes, Sultanas from White
Know your Onions, get your Oats
Give a Fig for Chilli Peppers
Butter no Parsnips with Royal Jelly
Cactus juice, a heart of Palm
Abide with me, your superfood psalm
Beansprouts, Buckwheat, Chick pea
Yoghurt and Mulberry Smoothie
Walnuts, Plums and Millet flakes
Artichoke, Hemp and Strawberry cake
Oranges, Apricots, Turmeric
Spinach, Aubergine, Wild Garlic,
Cacao powdered Cashews
Lentils, Carob and Brazils
Sweetcorn and Sugar beet
Pasta forged in Wholewheat
Fungi on Halloumi
Truffle-sprinkled Gnocci
Cinnamon and cardamom
Nut milk, Fruit of Sharon
Cider vinegar sourdough
Spelt out in Bran and Molasses Rye
Get a PH in balance before you die
Honey, Chia, Spirulina
Aloe Vera, Gingko Biloba
Butternut squash, Banana
To be a centenarian, think fruitarian
Eat your food raw
To be drop-dead gorgeous when you bore
Bathe in Coconut oil, no planet despoil
Just be Grapefruit
You live in the age of Quorn
And silken Tofu for a new you
I don’t mind Polenta, but hold on the Placenta
Easy over, just how I like it.

                              ©LS King 2017


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