Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Mass Meditation for Peace and Plenty

As random atrocities become an increasingly regular visitation on the Western World, perpetuated by self-appointed agents of their god or, no less horrifically, psychopathic individuals who fancy some copycat notoriety on their way to the grave, perhaps the best thing we can do as individuals psychologically is to focus our attention away from what we don't want (thus helping to attract more of it according to the Law of attraction) and concentrate on what we do want (thus helping to attract more of it according to the Law of attraction).

For most nations, the main want would surely be 'Peace and Plenty' so that we all have a quality of life and choices which do not force us down paths we don't wish to go down or to treat each other harshly as a result of life brutalising us into constant 'fight or flight' survival mode. Nor do most of us wish to be driven out of our own countries or forced to leave them (and our communities, friends and families) behind in search of a better life, and all the hardships and risks that entails. We want the option of a good life in our own nation as well as the option to travel or work abroad.

A long time ago (sadly I can no longer find the source) I read about a 10.30pm world mass meditation initiative. That wherever everyone was in the world, at 10.30pm each night they would commit to a couple of minutes either meditating or praying for world peace. With the various time zones, that would mean an enormous number of people asking their god (or the universe) for world peace at various times throughout the clock. I would like to resurrect this daily idea if it has fallen by the wayside to include 'Peace and Plenty' as peace without enough to eat does not quite fit the bill for a balanced and wantless world.

Here is a link to a once a year initiative of similar ilk called Earthdance, which takes place on 23rd September 2017 and has an incantation to go with it (see above). Or if you'd rather do the 10.30pm each night thing with a simple wish for Peace and Plenty throughout the world, please Like my Facebook page here.

Quantum physics is now telling us we are entering the Age of the Mind and the next generation of discovery will be a voyage around our minds and realising the power we all have if only we were to utilise our full mental capacity and energy and take control of our own minds. So strength in numbers folks. It's up to us to ask, meditate (and vote) for the world we want and visualise a bloodless revolution. Otherwise one thing is for sure. We will 100% continue to end up living in a world we don't want, hapless victims of other people's agendas, egos and mental illnesses, individuals who didn't hesitate to go after what they wanted, however warped or self-serving their particular vision.

So let's give mass mind power a chance and see what we can achieve. But let's avoid words like 'fight' or 'war' against want as aggressive words are counter-intuitive. 'As some wit once said: 'Fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity!' Mother Teresa also once said: 'I will never come to an anti-war rally, but invite me to a peace rally and I will come.'

Strangely enough religious institutions seem uninterested in mass world prayer, except for sparing a thought for the sick of their parish once a week. Perhaps it's time to demand their involvement too.

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