Friday, 18 May 2007

The Perfect Cafe in the Perfect Company

A poem about that magical combination!


I want to spend forever in a coffee shop with you
Honest scrubbed tables, no nonsense chairs
A flower or candle between us
Newspapers in racks
A busy What’s On board
Fashionably unfashionable
On a balmy summer evening.
We could talk, or we could just sit
Imbibe dark Brazilian aromas,
A world away from a mad working day.
And they’re pleased to see us
When everyone else has scurried home
Especially when we sit in the window,
But they leave us quite alone,
Completely unperturbed,
That I’m still playing with the molten marshmallows
In my hot chocolate, half an hour later.
Sometimes we sort the world out
Have intense heart-to-hearts
Invent fantasy lives for anyone appearing in need of one.
Other times we watch the world go by
Laugh at the cafĂ©’s slow-moving gallery of abstract art,
The absurdities of life, ourselves,
Happy hostages to home-made apricot cake
And the cool-cred of compulsory anonymous latino beat.
Mostly we steal that hinterland between day and night
From the angels who own it, one day we’ll pay -
For this, our timeless hour
Fully alive to one another.

I want to spend forever in a coffee shop with you.

And I don’t even like coffee…

© LS King

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