Monday, 4 June 2007

The First Eco-Warriors

There's Eco-Warriors and eco-worriers...


Bubble and squeak at least twice a week
They grew their own nil-food mile organic vegetables.
Kept their own GM-free chickens during the war
Had a bedtime routine of unplugging everything,
Lit and heated only the rooms they were using.
Two suits and three dresses of daily use and Sunday best
Every envelope, bag, bottle and bit of string re-used.
Furniture circa 1926 wedding, and 'til death did they part.
Evenings were whist, being good neighbours and mending,
Indulgence was following the Shell Guide in a dormobile
Around Britain in fifty five summers,
And two flights in their seventies, reluctantly persuaded.
Disgusted when the television broke down after only 23 years
And couldn't be fixed.
Appalled when the vacuum cleaner blew, a mere stripling of 19
Loathe to admit defeat and throw anything away.
My grandparents were committed environmentalists
For people who didn't know the meaning of the word.
The maddest they went was a Fridgidaire
When fifties white-good fever swept Britain in 1955.
Even the TV was a retirement present from Grandpa's firm
Fashion didn't exist - there was no temptation they couldn't resist
And they died contented in their late 80's in the early 90's
Still blissfully unaware that the purpose of existence is spending
And consumption had moved on from TB.
Or perhaps they knew it alright, but chose to disregard.
I think about them as I put my bottles in the bottle bank
My newspapers in the paper bank
And get back in the car
For the five minute drive home.

© LS King 2006

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This is great! :)