Friday, 7 September 2007

Duck-filled Catty Puss

Some kitty porn for my fellow cat-bores (taken in my parent's garden recently). Not that either Tiggy or Ginger was about to indulge me by posing in a daisychain collar even as long as my shutterspeed took to capture their humiliation! (do you think the Cat's Protection League can prosecute for enforced cat hippydom?). Saw a great book recently called 'Stuff on My Cat' where someone had gathered together photographs of cats wearing all manner of weird and wonderful garb unwittingly - a near-impossible feat considering the single-mindedness and uptake speed of most cats! Sometimes I think even people who profess not to like cats must surely admire their independence and the way they'll only do things when *they* want to and it suits them, no matter that they are just as dependent on you for food as a more slavish dog! Though I suppose when pounce comes to shove, cats are probably better at hunting than most dogs if they have to. Actually I love all furry critters equally, but stray cats would always find their way to my family's house for some reason and sneak into our affections before we could stop them, never mind get round to taking them to an animal shelter. Can there be anything finer than the smell of a cat's head I wonder? Or a pneumatic purr making your ears tickle with vibration as they snuggle up to your neck while you're on the phone.
'Damp dog by a fireside', I hear you cry!

Off to Captain a canal boat for a week now, but back soon, so don't go away!


Steve said...

It's a tough call: dogs vs cats. I adore both and was lucky enough to have access to cats and dogs as a child. I think ultimately it's a lifestyle choice. Dogs are lovely companions - you're never alone with a dog - but they are so dependent that you have to factor their needs into every major decision you make whereas cats have that superior independent streak; born survivors. You have to really earn a cat's affection too whereas dogs are a bit too easy sometimes.

Hope you have a lovely time on the canal boat! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww wot a sweetie! Great pics. Have a great holiday.

Big Al xx

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful photos. I love cats, but when it comes down to it I'm a bunny person.