Monday, 17 September 2007

Voyage Round the Midlands...

No, really! All taken along the route between Stretton-On-The-Fosse and Atherstone! The only bit that looked just as bad in canal land was Nuneaton.

A great getaway from the modern world though. I hardly missed the internet @ all!
However the compulsory dog 'n' beard required for this caper eluded me somewhat (apologies if naughty Blogger is jumbling my piccies by the way - I lined them all up in neat 3-picture rows honest, but I suspect they'll publish as anything but!). A big thank you to Crew Sycamore by the way, without whom we'd probably be somewhere up in the Highlands by now.
Rose Narrowboats can be found at


The Sagittarian said...

Whoa, what a beautiful trip you must have had! It all looks so idyllic you must be completely rested. My dad always wanted to do a canal boat trip but sadly died before he got round to it (mind you, he would have first had to convince mum to get on a plane and travel round the world - which is probably another reason he wouldn't have gotten round to it).

Steve said...

Wow. It looks absolutely fabulous. I'm really envious. Karen and I would love to try a barge holiday one year... it always looks so relaxing but I suspect there's quite a bit of hard work involved too. Welcome back.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Thanks Steve & Sagittarian!
It should be pointed out that my friend and I took a particularly 'woosy' route with only one baby lock to navigate!
Apparently the really scenic routes are to be found on the canals with more locks.
Rose Narrowboats of Stretton-On-The-Fosse were great though. Every on-boat convenience was provided including telly and radio (except for towels & tea towels). Even a welcome note and some flowers, together with really detailed instructions on how to do everything and where the food pubs were en route! The only thing we had to worry about was filling up with fresh water each day - relatively easy with maps showing you where the standpipes are.
I'd recommend it to anyone - the kids we saw seemed to love it too and couldn't wait to hop off and run to the locks to start opening them.

Dan said...

Splendid photos - very nicely laid out!

Pete Wilby said...

I live very near Rose Narrowboats and can certainly recommend them. A few years ago, my first wife and I took our daughter (then aged 12) on a similar run. It was bizarre to have a 'family holiday' so close to home and yet we were in a different world, seeing parts of the local landscape that we never knew existed. The added bonus was we could arrange to meet friends at pubs en route (and even set up a music session in one of them), before they headed off in their cars and we continued our slow, meandering exploration of Warwickshire's parallel world.

We kept well clear of Nuneaton however!

MarkF said...

People can live without the Net ???


Love the pics - was by the Thames a while back and just yearned to be on a boat - thanks for the link - I may try them to see if I can live unplugged for a while.