Sunday, 8 March 2009


My first week of unemployment and my feet haven't touched the ground, what with computer courses, applying for jobs and all the other life admin I seem to be swamped with.

So much for all the blogging and creative time I thought I would suddenly have!

In contemplative moments I have found myself listening to this from the film 'Leon'

Cheery things this week were a colleague's wonderful wedding yesterday and being introduced to this surprise poetic YouTube hit by Oliver over at Oliver's Poetry Garret

Which in turn led me to discover this splendid fellow.

Nice to know there's still a few things left to make one proud to be British!


Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh I love "Leon".

I'm glad you are busy really. Busy people get things done. The time to worry is when you slump somewhere and can't face doing anything. But I can't see you being like that. I can me being like that!!!

Wisewebwoman said...

hey Laura:
Thanks for finding these delights. And isn't it amazing how nature abhors a vacuum?

The Sagittarian said...

Loved the clip with the pith helmet! For some reason still unknown to me, my husband was given a pith helmet by his parents for his birthday. They found the jolly thing in an army surplus store in Kingaroy (Australia) and we had to lug it all the way back here. I'm not sure where he will ever wear it, or even why (other than to pith in?)

Nota Bene said...

Leon...what a great film...and as for the Oliver notch. Long may your days be filled with many things


Brother Tobias said...

Those were great. Of course I got sucked into the others - loved the stone-moving-man.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Hi RB - yes Leon is a most moving film with stunning performances from both Leon and the young Natalie Portman. Have to admit I'm feeling pretty slumpish at the moment, but trying to keep busy despite, no matter that everything suddenly seems to be taking twice as long and loads of obstacles keep springing up all over the shop!

WWW - cheers for your message. I wish nature would also abhor a money vacuum!

Yes, Sagittarian, I like the Victorian Explorer look too! Mind you we Sagittarians are suckers for costumes and wearing the right costumes in the right settings apparently - send us on safari and we will smother ourselves in Khaki!

Thanks Notabene - you're a pal! Sorry I haven't been much of one in return lately.

BT - I always enjoy your video choices too, not least involving the talented daughter and her music!

Henry North London said...

Check your email I know why you may not be getting anywhere with job applications

Anonymous said...

Embrace unemployment, depression and all that goes with it.....sod the country, let the planet rot, let those daft enough to waste their days doing things pay for your unlimited leisure time. I've been doing nothing for four years now and its an absolute boon.