Friday, 27 March 2009

Heart FM Comes to Town!

Put up the bunting, get out the flags, don those pom poms folks, for we have a new radio station in town. Yes, Heart FM has extended its romantic remit of mass audience seduction beyond the Midlands at last!

And guess what? They are seeking someone innovative with a brain that can think around corners and outside of boxes for events and marketing!

Needless to say this New Romantic is submitting her CV and working on her podcast jingle ideas as we speak!

That really would be a dream job promoting lurve, romance and music! Easier than trying to sell overpriced underperforming mortgages anyway (one of my previous lives). And unlike most markets the lurve market can never be saturated - if anything demand will always, sadly, outstrip supply! It's also a station big on community and knitting commuties together in these increasingly fragmented times, which is an issue close to my own heart.

Wish me luck. No further responses from any of the other 25 or so jobs I have applied for anyway, though I am trying not to let my motivation flag.

I'll be round to visit y'all soonest dear blogging brethren.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with one of my fave romantic tracks from the 1980s. Although Billy Idol was way too scary for me to fancy as a timid young adolescent of sheltered upbringing (hard to believe, I know!), Mr Idol is at his snarling finest in this heartfelt rendering of his hit 'Sweet 16', and watching it now, I find myself in awe at how he balances such cheesiness with such soulfulness. Around the same time I remember stealing downstairs after my bedtime curfew/parents' bedtime one night to discover the incredibly haunting film Badlands with Martin Sheen at his brooding best as the troubled young James Dean lookalike who goes badly off the rails in a pan-state killing spree with his naive teen girlfriend, and find that Sweet 16 always acts as the additional soundtrack that never was in my head whenever I think of the film.


Steve said...

Having heard your wonderful voice reciting a poem I think you'd be great on the radio - wishing you all the very best. As for Billy Idol - I was always a fan at the time and went to see him at the NEC on the tour he did after his famed motorbike crash that broke his leg. He was excellent and had an innate understanding of rock, pop and disco and how to successfully blend all three. I wonder what he's doing now? Awaiting to be interviewed by your good self on Heart FM perhaps?

Nota Bene said...

well I can't claim to be a fan of Heart, but I am a fan of Billy Idol and you getting a shiny new job. So good luck!

Brother Tobias said...

Go for it. And all luck; I suspect this would be right up your street and make sense of all last year's downers.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh best of luck with that, it does sound fantastic and fun! I've got all my bits crossed for you. (WV is repun...must be a sign?)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, good luck.

I used to love Billy Idol. I remember playing "White Wedding" nonstop one summer and driving my mother bonkers with it.

moi said...

Unplug the jukebox
and do us all a favor
That music's lost its taste
So try another flavor . . .

Poet Laura!

(Speaking of poetic – Badlands was most definitely one of Malick's most visually lyrical.)

Rol said...

As someone who has worked in local radio for more years than not, all I can say is...


Run away! Run away now!

Don't let them get you!

Darwen Reporter said...

Heart FM have got a tough job ahead of them with the downturn in the economy. It's a buyer's market for advertisers and advertising rates are plummeting!

I was always a fan of Billy Idol's White Wedding.

Wisewebwoman said...

Billy Idol video no longer working.
On a 2 degrees of separation bit: I used to take in student boarders back in the day and one met BI at a concert and dated him for a week. Dated is a lovely word and far from the truth of what was actually happening but this is a lurvely romantic heartish blog.....:^)

Tessa said...

Every finger and toe crossed for you, Laura. You will knock 'em dead!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Thanks everyone. No news as yet, but I had another job interview last week.

No news on that either, yet.