Saturday, 18 November 2017

Health and Safety for Students

When I was a child 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!' was drilled into us as a mantra from an early age. Today's parents seem to have forgotten to teach their children even this simple resilience so that they grow up afraid of words as well as sticks and stones.

Meantime the Green Cross Code is no longer taught and teens are allowed to leave the house in outfits I would never have been allowed to leave the house in (often glued to ear buds so they cannot hear any risks approaching them as they walk or cycle along) so where is safety consideration when it comes to the physical side of young lives?

Inflammatory Words

 Students need safe spaces 
 Non-platform places 
 For anxiety abounds 
 If there’s no topic out of bounds 
Challenge is aggression 
And you don’t want confrontation 
When you have half-formed views 
Gleaned from Buzzfeed news 
Let’s not mention the secret lunchtime trolling 
When not virtue signal extolling 
Brexit is bad but other pro-choice is good 
And you are the most puritan in vegan food 
Demand uncontroversial debate that doesn’t over-excite 
And chimes with the views which get facebook likes 
We can all agree that kittens are cute, right? 
But rigorous debate, that’s the stuff of hate! 
Granted, you have all the answers 
 But why take chances? 
What do you mean hysteria, hypocrisy? 
Of course you stand for free speech and democracy 
As long as they cancel that speaker, the one who won’t pre-submit his speech 
So you can vet for free speech offence breach 
Fascist? Shut the front door! Racist! 

 ©LS King 2017

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