Monday, 2 July 2007

British Bullying

Three out of four UK children are now the victims of school bullying, apparently.
Which must make that fourth child one evil son of a gun!
Couldn't the other three just gang up and counter-bully the fourth into submission?
Or does this statistic reveal that some of the victims are also bullies?

I was an absolute gift to the bullies of my secondary school in Northern Ireland - English, tall, red-haired, atheist, vegetarian - any one of which non-conformity could have got me killed.
The bullies didn't know where to start! All their Christmases in one!
Naturally I was also blessed with a naivety far too dumb to work out that being an individual before you leave school is the worst possible idea! So while refusing to conform re the smoking, drinking, drug taking (ok Pritt-stick sniffing - it was Northern Ireland) and sleeping around had some benefits, non-conformity didn't exactly make me the most popular girl in school either. Then again if you've got no friends, there's hardly a lot of peer pressure to resist. And my shoplifting phase to be 'popular' lasted all of one afternoon - I still have the Tron duvet cover as self-imposed sentence of my crime.
Luckily my life was saved by the fact that teachers still carried canes. And sometimes used them! Or at least they did for the first couple of years I was at High School before some idiot banned them. The mere sight of a teacher carrying a cane kept most pupils in line. Or aborted the kicking process pretty quickly when a teacher entered the corridor. Sometimes a bully hardly had time to trip you up or empty your schoolbag onto the floor before a teacher came along to put a stop to the 'nonsense'
Teachers carrying canes save lives, all you uber-liberals out there (or are you former bullies out to facilitate the process for your progeny?)!
Bullied kids would not be driven to suicide these days if teachers were still permitted to punish the bullies. And punishment is the only language that'll ever get through to some of them, trust me. They don't respect the softly softly approach - lest it not be forgotten - perceived 'weakness' is exactly what they're trying to beat out of their victims! Small wonder some have now moved onto their 'soft' teachers as well with bullying, harrassment and internet humiliation by staging classroom incidents for webcast via their mobile phone cameras!

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