Thursday, 21 February 2008

A'mour & Armour

Self Preservation

You have to be cold and hard
To live on your own
So cold and hard, it gets so
That it's difficult to be warm and soft
Remember how it is to be warm and soft,
Feel safe without armour
When the time comes.

Indeed some people find
They can't get their armour off again
And it's become a part of them.
But how else to protect
One's tender bits?

Personally I favour the alarm option...

© LS King

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Reluctant Blogger said...

Yes, indeed. Sounds a bit like me! I always think of myself as more like a porcupine or hedgehog actually.

Weird coincidence that you should have posted that though - because only the other day I was thinking how much the way you write reminds me of someone else I know. And that someone has a real thing about armadillos, she collects them (not real ones obviously) and they are all over her house. I nearly fell off my chair when I wandered over here and there was one peeping out at me! Felt a bit odd.

Lovely writing as always.

Rol Hirst said...

Reminds me of my 20's. Nice work.

Steve said...

An Aardvark with a car alarm. And ABS. Now that's evolution. Like this. :-)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

This poem was from a bleaker time in my life (funnily enough in my late 20's Rol!), but I still kind of like it.

Actually the Armadillo was sheer co-incidence RB - I just typed in 'cute armoured plated animals' on Flick'r and lo, there it was! But do link me to your friend's blog if she has one - I'd be intrigued to see someone who 'writes like me'. Not that I pretend to write as elegantly as your good self of course.

Aardvark car alarm Steve? A top idea!

lucyfishwife said...

I know I'm two months late to comment on this but... Google "The Armadillo Song" by Flanders & Swann. Still makes me cry whenever I hear it. So sad, so funny, so poignant...