Monday, 18 February 2008

Template, Template

I feel a growing yen to beautify my blog with a more unusual template, namely one of the following;



However, although they are both designed for Blogger, previews show either would lose me most of my sidebar content!

Does anyone else have this problem? You'd think all blogger templates would be standardized wouldn't you? I am trying to teach myself HTML but I notice even the template codes and terminology are not the same from one template to another! One template I printed out to ponder the problem on paper was 12 pages long and the other 29!

Yet one more example of the lie 'One Size Fits All'!

Of course what would really be helpful is if Blogger allowed us to log in and drag 'n' drop our sidebars/main content to our hearts' content to modify templates ourselves, whilst keeping us within the confines of a 'fit to screen' protocol for the benefit of readers possessed of varying screen size.

You know those techie people who come up behind you and make you feel a complete idiot by pressing a single button to solve what you've been wrestling with for hours. Well where are they when you need them, huh?

I should probably post on Blogger Help, but sadly my previous experiences lead me to suspect it a place designed for people as clueless as myself to whinge to each other and leave the Blogger staff alone!


Homo Escapeons said...

Blogger's create a new template is a matrix-like black hole where esthetic aspirations go to die.

I get bored silly with staring at the same old page after about a month so I always change it...and then lose something along the way.

Overchoice! If I spent more time creating brief staggering works of genius I wouldn't feel compelled to disguise my mediocrity amidst a razzle dazzle page filled with self congratulatory thingamabobs and superfluous etceteras...

like this week's avatar..
case closed HA!

Lady Language said...

They are both nice but I lean towards sunny since I am a fan of yellow.

In regards to the side bar issue, it is probably just a matter of finding the html code and copying and pasting it back into the new template. If you login to your blogger account and go to Layout/Edit Template HTML you can back-up your current code. Then you can play around with the new template and always have the old to fall back on. Your current code for the sidebar may be located under sidebar wrapper and considered "widgets". If you find that, you can copy and paste into the new template.

I know a bit about html but have never changed anything in blogger. Good luck and hope this helps a bit!

MarkF said...

Try blogging using Moveable Type.

That divides the template up using Greek letters - you need a degree before you tackle the HTML ...

The Sagittarian said...

Good luck, I'm still stuck in the "why isn't there spellcheck?" mode!! (I like yellow tho' if thats any help)

Mrs. G. said...

I like Sunny. And you need to find a techie friend--invite one to dinner and ply them with pizza and beer.

Steve said...

Tricky, I know enough about HTML to be confident and have fiddled a little with my template... but not over much. Good luck with contacting Blogger though... you may be in for a long wait!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I see a marked preference for the sunny template emerging.

Me too. I like sunny things. I'll take all your advice and see what transpires!