Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A Few of My Favourite Things...

Have just discovered I was tagged by London journalist Rachel North several weeks ago for a meme on the subject of 7 favourite things (apparently to counter all the negative pet hate lists that are the usual fare of we bloggers!)

But how to get away from the cheesy long walks in the country, cute furry animals, open hearth fires, chocolate, making love, everyblogger list! Ah well, here goes;

1. Candles – I’ve got into the habit of lighting at least a couple every evening when home as I find them unbelievably relaxing. Candlelit baths, even better, though sadly the bathroom in my current abode is a little cramped to take any fire safety risks!
2. The Seaside. Although I don’t live by the sea, I find I often long for it and when I see it, it’s like being able to breathe again. I particularly adore historic seaside resorts with piers.
3. Beautiful Architecture, particularly Victorian or Regency, though I tend to rate anything up until the 1930s, when it all went downhill in my view! Except for my one concession to post-modernism - the rather thrilling Arkitecture
4. Jokes that lead you to expect they are going to be incredibly rude, but turn out to have a surreal/silly ending that subverts your expectations completely!
5. All Television Bonnet & Period Dramas, except for bad re-makes.
6. Good Design. In everything from buildings and towns to clothes and household goods. Why does it always have to be a choice between functional and beautiful? Good design should fulfil function, aesthetics and last at least as long as you do (also very green!). Good design is so rare, despite the fact designers are ten-a-penny these days, it makes my heart leap when I see it!
7. Mystique – not enough of it left in this world, and I’m as guilty as anyone for exposing it to the harsh light of writerly revelation. The only thing as sexy as mystique is talent. To know someone you’re still finding out about and who still surprises you after ten years of friendship is a joy.

I'm guessing many bloggers have probably already covered this theme, but I'll take a risk and tag Reluctant Blogger just in case! Anyone else who fancies this meme and hasn't had it yet, let me know and I'll link to you!

13/03/08 The Sagittarian at More Canterbury Tales, you're hereby tagged!

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Anonymous said...

I will gladly do this - but I have a backlog of posts to write. But I do always get round to things eventually.

I liked your list. I am like you in some ways and very different in others. I share your love of candles ,Regency buildings and the sea (although only the sea would possibly feature in my top 7) but I never notice design in general, I cannot abide bonnet productions and I never seem to understand jokes and even if I do I can never remember them afterwards.

thanks for tagging me. I'll let you know when I do my list!

The Sagittarian said...

Candles, oh yes! I like the scented ones. We have an old 'claw-foot" bath tub and even when i stretch out in it my feet barely touch the end of it! We have friends who visit from Sydney and the first thing they do is insist upon a bath!! I guess I could have a go at your meme if you think I might be interesting. I don't feel very interesting today, tho.

Steve said...

"All Television Bonnet & Period Dramas" - definitely, mostly because they invariably feature Julia Sawalha...!

The Troll said...

Cite a joke that does that! I love that type of joke too.

KAZ said...

Love the list - I actually agree with most of them -especially the seaside.
I love Manchester but I'd just love to be able to walk out of my front door and walk to the beach.
Like right this minute!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

RB, some people are definitely more influenced/affected by their surroundings than others, true, but I still defy anyone not to go to somewhere like Florence say, and not be blown away by the architecture! And the echoes of history seeping through the walls of somewhere old can be quite emotional for me, but maybe that's just me! Re humour, perhaps you are just particularly discerning!

A claw foot bath tub Amanda, you lucky thing!!! I'm on the next plane!

That's what I like about you Steve, your depth! But all proponents of bonnet dramas most welcome on this blog, whatever their *real* motives!

Troll: Sic Emo Phillips at his height: 'I was sitting in a bar, shifting from stool to stool - trying to get lucky,
but no, there was no chewing gum under ANY of them...'

Yes I've seen your lovely beachside piccies Kaz - what a great holiday!