Friday, 20 June 2008

Leamington Peace Festival

For all your Beatnik Poet needs (not to mention dogs against climate change!) Shame there was no live poetry though.

But check out my groovy felt strawberry bag and hell's kitsch 'Rama and Sita' Indian legend top!

Wonder what 'Swindon Give War A Chance Festival' will be like next weekend.


moi said...

Well, you know, dogs know. And that's good enough por Moi.

I'm guessing next weekend's festival will feature a guest appearance by a nattily dressed P.J. O'Rourke?

The Sagittarian said...

Is that a "for real" weekend? Crikey, we are so behind here. We only have weekends for time off. This weekend of course, our mighty All Blacks get a second chance to play with the English. Hangover weekend, methinks.

lucyfishwife said...

I love the strawberry bag, and the one with multi-coloured bobbles is pretty gorgeous too - does the Tshirt come with mandatory joss sticks (so your mum can't tell you've been smoking)?

Steve said...

So weird to see my home town appearing on someone else's blog... almost looks like another place. You were right outside my place of work too... but I wasn't there because unlike the poor saps inside I get weekends off! Na ha ha ha! And I also have an allergic reaction to the Peace Festival for some reason - too many crusties - and steer well clear. Glad you appeared to have a good time though!

nearside said...

What a colorful affair! And yay, the blog works again!!!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Dogs definitely have more social-consciousness than we give them credit for Moi. I was most impressed by his brushwork, given he had to hold it with his paws! Always good to see P.J. O'Rouke - the posh mans' Michael Moore!

Sagittarian, one day you too will enter the sophisticated realm of consuming frantically to save the planet! It is hard to even go for a walk here nowadays without someone trying to sell you something!

LucyFishWife - I'll have to take up smoking - and joss sticks. Or perhaps I could smoke joss sticks! Far out, man!

Steve, you don't know what you're missing. I would recommend this experience at least once in your life! Did you see the piccie of the new dad with the bottles sticking out of his back pockets like two nipples?

Nearside, good to have you back on board. Alas I was forced to sacrifice blog art for readibility.