Friday, 25 July 2008

The Honours List

I was greatly moved to find that I had been awarded this honour by relatively recent blogmate Can Bass 1, who keeps a lively and eclectic blog of ecclesiastic hue, but is touchingly not above consorting with a God-fearing athiest like myself! (Or applying for a job in Asda - good luck CB1!)

I have been thinking all week about who I would like to award in turn! Here, in no particular order, are my favoured few! Ok, well quite a few actually.

Rol Hirst - For his services to creative writing and scintillating wit, who recently made 'Blog of the Week' in the Mail on Sunday.

Bloggertropolis For his services to TV reviewing, creative writing scintillating wit and contraception (don't ask!).

Reluctant Blogger - For her services to human insight, soulfulness and compelling narrative writing.

Oliver's Poetry Garret - For his services to poetry, photography and trying to live the life artistic!

The Age of Uncertainty - For his services to bookshops, book trade honesty and how to cope with the 21st C.

Kaz - For her services of being the most stylish young pensioner with attitude around!

Derfwad Manor - For Mrs G's services to the TV networks, homeschooling, good relationships and America!

Old Fogey For his services to intelligent blogging, nostalgia and the arts.

Moi - For her services to photography, keeping fit and squirrel wars!

Screaming Headlines - For his services to honest journalism!

Through A Glass Darkly - For his services to British town planning (he's given up!)

The Vaguetarian - For her services to avatarism, cyber-vegetarianism and an allround welcome at her cosy tearoom!

Jock's Place - For fighting for just about every worthwhile cause there is!

More Canterbury Tales - For services to New Zealand bloggery!

Life Happens Between Books - My newcomer's award for Mrs Fishwife's services to books & redheads!

WiseWebWoman - For her services to doing exactly what she says on the can! Not to mention some great photography too.


Rol said...

Thanks, Laura...

"...who recently made 'Blog of the Week' in the Mail on Sunday."

...who didn't ask for it and still hasn't been paid for it. ;-(

Old Fogey said...

Laura - Bless you for this and the encouragement!

teeni said...

LOL! Oh, I love all the descriptions! Thanks so much for such a prestigious award, Laura! I absolutely love it and will post about it in the next few days! Oh, and I'm sorry but all the password protection was because I posted some vacation photos from my trip to the Azores. If you'd like to see them, just email me and I'll send you the password, I've got one more protected post to put up.

LucyFishwife said...

Laura I am SO flattered! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Aww thank you, that's really lovely.

I don't have to give a speech do I???? haha I can see you running off from here - I bet you can imagine how long any speeches I give are!!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Gina x

Steve said...

Aw shucks, I've come over all coy 'n' shy. Thanks Laura. Though I'm not so sure putting you off children is necessarily a good thing. The global gene pool needs your input, Laura!

Wisewebwoman said...

Awwww, Laura, *shucks*, you are so kind, I have festooned my blog with it. Thank you!
*delighted* *flattered* *appreciative*

moi said...

Thank you, Laura, I am truly honored!

Steerforth said...

I'm extremely flattered to be in such good company. Many thanks!

Mrs. G. said...

Thank you, Laura. This has been the kind of day that I am most grateful for ANY kind of award.xxooxx Heather

The Sagittarian said...

Hey, that's so cool! Many thanks, my very first award. Made my day, cheers ears.

Brother Tobias said...

Thank you Laura. A first for me too, and presented on such apposite grounds (a planner's misjudgements are hard to secrete, and there is at least one corner of this county where I have to look the other way as I pass!).

KAZ said...

Thanks Laura.
When you used the word attitude I hope you meant a bad one.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Rol, so they couldn't even stretch to a free digital radio? Poor you! Alas my award doesn't pay either!

Old Fogey - your blog is one of the most intellectual I have come across, but the nostaligia bits give it a charming lightness of touch too - you need to spread yourself around a bit so more people discover you!

Cheers Teeni - I am so envious of your skill with avatars in particular (not to mention food!). Why not just put your piccies on 'Slideshow' next time for a nice moving slideshow? Any type of blog can use as far as I am aware. I also think that a 'patchwork' of photos on a posting is quite nice so readers can get a flavour of somewhere immediately, even though they take a while to download.

LucyFishWife - the first award of many, I am sure!

RB, I'll let you off the speech, but not returning to your own blog, one fine day - THAT's compulsory, ok???

Steve you are so sweet, but you are not available and only like brunettes, so what's a girl to do???

Wisewebwoman - I am sure you have veritable oscars for yours already, and if not, you should have!

Moi - Your lively blog is always a pleasure to visit.

Steerforth, If you were under-appreciated in the book trade, let's ensure that does not extend into the blogging world!

Mrs G - I did not think I could possibly have given you any award you did not already possess - folks this lady's only the Queen of US blogging!

Sagittarian - you are my window on NZ and always keep an interesting and varied blog giving a nice flavour of both yourself and your neck of the woods.

BT, I'm now feeling guilty as hell about the description I gave you which is frankly unworthy of your enjoyable blog, but arose out of a sudden blank when it came to how to desribe it, so I descended into wit! However I am truly humbled that you are apologetic for any less than beautiful architecture you might be guilty of :-)

Kaz, I think you have a great attitude towards being BAD! You bad girl you! You're an inspiration to me come twentysomething years hence gal! I'm sure I too will be a darn sight more inventive than wearing PURPLE!!

Anonymous said...