Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Musings On a 21stC British Class System...

Reclassifying a Classless Society

The upper class and the lower class
The over class and the under class
The haves and the have-nots
The eloi and the morlocks.
Thank god for Business Class
Is all I can say,
As I eat the rich (tea biscuit)
© LS King 2007

* For 'morlocks', substitute 'hoodies'.


Brother Tobias said...

Nice one. And Eloi and Morlocks have appropriate class connotations(eloi, elite; morlock,mullock, meaning least to Chaucer).

Steve said...

Rich tea? I've always gone for Hobnobs myself... gloriously common. ;-)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

BT - According to my Victorian Weekend literature course, HG Wells spent most of his childhood and early adulthood perpetualy hungry and witnessed his parents (who worked below stairs in a grand house) being not very nicely treated. This is said to be behind his obsession with creatures representing the upper and lower classes and eating each other accordingly! Possibly Chaucererian influences had a hand in his work too!

Steve - you morlock you! Where do you stand on Chocolate Chip cookies?

Steve said...

Anywhere at all, Laura, as long as they are safely in my tummy...