Monday, 22 October 2007

A Walk Round Autumn


August October

Crunching across the beech
Another leaf fall each wind tide
The dog days of summer
Turn a thousand shades of earth.
Eddying whirls of russet crisp
Sweep themselves into heaps
Just right for jumping into
When no one's looking
Save a tree dappled low-slung sun.

©LS King 2007

Beautiful sunrise over Adderbury, Oxfordshire, 7.20am this morning.


Steve said...

Really liked some of the phrases you've used here - "low-slung sun" and "eddying whirls of russet crisp"... the latter rolls of the tongue with great aplomb!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Thanks Steve. I'm experimenting with the 'less is more' recommendation from poet Hugo Williams (who we hosted in Oxford the other week) and to whom I showed some of my work.

Not that I'll ever rival him as a TS Eliot Prize or Queen's Medal winner probably, but he also said he thought I had 'something rather original', which was nice.

But I've always felt I had my own niche to forge (along with the awards to go with it, probably!)

The Sagittarian said...

Love the sun-rise photo...although how you can be up and about at that hour is intriguing! (Well, we had a long weekend here and getting up at that hour was not on my list of things that had to be done) Cheers,

Dan said...

Nice pic - was that driving back from Coventry or something?

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Yes, I was driving back from Coventry to work - not my usual getting up hour, but well worth it on this occasion - except I didn't manage to find a place to stop and capture the sun in its full blood-orange glory after, before it started blazing (a process that surprisingly only seems to take about five minutes!)