Monday, 8 October 2007

The Travel Bores Have Landed

Well the students are back in Oxford with a vengeance, regaling each other with Gap Year travel tales at the tops of their voices in pubs. Which reminds me of an ensemble piece they inspired some while ago...

  • Gap Year Travels

1st Student:
I was robbed by a hussar
In a Baghdad bazaar

2nd Student:
Well I was molested by a gorilla
At a bus stop near Manila

3rd Student:
Well I was kidnapped by a Yeti
In the Serengeti

4th Student:
Well I raised a few grand
by shagging my way to Thailand

5th Student:
Well I lost my backpack in Sydney
And was murdered for a kidney

1st Student:

© LS King 2003


Steve said...

Ha ha! Spot on!


Dan said...

ever horrors might land on the first five students, and however apathetic it might seem, I will go with "cool".

Dangers happen everywhere, but in my opinion, it is good to travel, although I totally concur, gap year travel is seriously dodgy and if I had such a son/daughter, I would be WORRIED.

Well, good stuff and hope to see you performing soon!