Friday, 5 October 2007

Philosophy on a Friday

Revolving Round The Sun (A Time Has Come)

Seasons of cycles. Cycles of seasons
Networks of connections, rhymes, rhythms, reasons
Pattern, co-incidence, symbols, cues, meanings
Is serendipity osmosis or a process of symbiosis?
Wherefore part plays timing? Wherefore dreaming?
Random acts of kindness
Senseless acts of wickedness
Disturbing and restoring, disturbing and restoring
The knock-on pendulum to zero balance
Revolution, evolution, extinction…
A butterfly flaps its thunderous wings
China quakes on the world's web
A piece of luck lands in your lap.
A snowflake falls. Or is it an angel's joke?
Is it Year of the Spider? Is it written in the stars?
What action behind the reaction? What cause behind the consequence?
Instinct or intellect? fate or fatalism? motive or grace?
Like age and change and death and taxes and night and day,
Luck if you're lucky, statistically more often, if willing to meet luck halfway.
Explain the bad things that happen to nice people and innocents
The 'necessary evil'…
Is there a God? Does He love a trier?
Is the devil in the detail or the big G?
Do the doors of perception lead to the gates of paradise?
Is superstition the road to perdition, one magpie short?
Can you re-negotiate your part if unhappy with the script?
How any homsap can live or die (or kill) by any creed
When 'belief' means a chance we could be wrong.
Beyond admiring the neat graphics, daubing our own tribute freestyle
And wondering at the power that links the human electro-magnetic field

© LS King 2007


Steve said...

"Is there a God? Does He love a trier?" Now that I think sums up most people's thoughts when they turn them to the question of God's existence!

The Sagittarian said...

Wow, now THAT's a Friday!!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Well I don't have an existential crisis EVERY Friday, I have to admit Sagittarian

However I think it's a good idea to post the odd serious poem, lest the impression is given I only do humorous poetry.

Yes Steve, I think it's quite important to ask the big questions. Might not get much in the way of answers, but it avoids inner complacency at least!