Friday, 14 March 2008

Ducks Admitted to Oxford

A cute little incident which took place the other evening.

Female American student: 'But how'd they get in here?'
Me: 'I blame the erosion of entrance examinations myself.'
Maurice the Porter: 'It's dumbing down gone mad!'
Me: 'Or even 'ducking down!'
(general groans)
Paul: 'Didn't you know? It's part of the new University strategy to encompass diversity and minority groups.'


Rol said...

I remember sometime last year watching traffic grind to a halt in our village as two ducks led a bunch of newly-hatched ducklings over the zebra crossing.

Jock Coats said...

I hope they're not mine getting a bit above their station - I've not seen my usual pair yet this year. I reckon they're two weeks late and I'm a bit worried about them!

The Sagittarian said...

They must be quackers! (Actually, today as we were driving out and about I saw a seagull with a broken wing staggering about amongst the traffic and its mate kept trying to walk with it. Very sad really, but an old lady had stopped and was trying to round it up....fingers crossed it gets fixed)

Steve said...

At least they'll give Oxford no advantage in the boat race... they might be good on water but they can't hold an oar for toffee...

Anonymous said...

Oh poor ducks, they'd be much better off at the University of Bath, really.

I've got duck for tea tonight - yum, yum!

I will do that meme for you either later today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

V amusing comments!

Do they wear sub-fusc for their "inDUCKtion"?

The Poet Laura-eate said...

About right Rol - they walked in as if they own the joint, so perhaps you are right Jock! Very droll Amanda, Steve & Dan!

RB - shame on you! (Jock, perhaps that's where your ducks have gone!)