Monday, 5 November 2007

2-4-1 Poetry Deal!

What the Juice!

Slushie, smoothie, Spritzer, breezer, cooler
Cola, Shake, Drench, Quench, Juice drink.
I'm not cordial to any of you.
Keep out my shopping basket
I don't care if you're three-for-two.


I used to have respect for you
'Til I espied you with six
In the five or less queue...

© LS King 2007

**Of course I now reward M&S with my custom for using the semantically-correct lane dividers proclaiming 'Five items or FEWER'. **

For all you supermarket watchers out there, here's my previous poem on the subject; Bananas

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Steve said...

He he! What The Juice reminded me of Orange Juice Jones and Kooler Shaker for some reason... but then I am suffering from sleep deprivation this morning. I must admit that Karen and I have now converted to on-line food shopping... no more battling against the tide of OAP trollies down the one way aisle systems, no more annoyingly slow moving queues and no more being conned into buying shiny things that we don't need just because they caught our eye on the shelf above the item we really wanted. Viva home delivery!

Rol Hirst said...


Hanging's too good for those Five Item Cheats.

Dan said...

Very good!

Another "innocent" product called "drench" is basically flavoured water, - it says "made of clouds" on the label.

Yeuch! Brilliant marketing though, to sell very little for so much.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Ah Steve, you have now converted to that miraculous medium whereby you receive a bottle of bleach when you wanted an avocado! Well I guess it's better for the environment to use home delivery, aside from the sheer nuisance of battling the trolley-rage hordes - who seem to get worse on each visit - they'll have to have flashing blue lights and klaxons on each trolley if it gets any worse!
I am in the curious dilemna that while half of me loathes the supermarket giants, Tesco and Sainsburys *are* my nearest local shops to where I live! My next token protest involves not eating mangos in December, but the juice drink avoidance I've got as an ongoing protest to the dumbing down of food.

Guy Montag said...

Indeed, strange where you find you photos popping up.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Hello Guy - hope you don't mind. I did credit it to you as you will see. Feel free to take poem in return for your Flick'r account.