Thursday, 8 November 2007

A Conundrum

Whilst not a fan of Haiku (Die ku, I say!), I still think that sometimes the best poems are mercifully short. Here's one I prepared earlier...

Layman's Thought

Maybe only 20% of our brain is useable
'Cos we only use 20% of our lung capacity
To oxygenate it.
But - deprived of the other 80% -
I'm unable to expand on this theory...

© LS King

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Steve said...

I'd question this morning whether even 20% of my brain was usuable (lack of sleep)...!

Some very funny haiku's are contained in The Spotted Unicorn by Roger McGough... he uses the breviry of the form to great comic effect.

Steve said...

Or even the brevity...!

The Sagittarian said...

I was never
really very good
Haiku wasn't popular
In me neighbourhhod.

per.pri said...

Right now I think 0.20% of my brain is usable...

Funny haiku. I liked them at primary school - they were easy to write and could be a complete load of utter rubbish, no-one could tell you what you wrote was wrong. And they don't have to rhyme - even better. :D