Monday, 20 August 2007

Scary Songstresses

First Nelly Furtado stormed the charts with her ballbreaking floorfiller 'Maneater', then she followed it up with the weepie 'Why Must All Good Things Come To An End?'

(erm, because you ate him, Nelly?). Or maybe it was your 'Promiscuous' thang that sent him heading for the hills!

Now Natasha Bedingfield has followed up her outrageously upfront 'I Want Your Babies' with the plaintive 'Soulmate' containing the gutwrenching lyrics 'Someone tell me why I'm on my own if there's a soulmate for everyone'

(Tough one, that. Perhaps 'cos you only mentioned the fun bit about fathering your kids in the previous track Natasha? Look forward to your upcoming release 'I Want Your Direct Debit CSA Payments And You Can See Him Every Other Weekend'

I'm sure it'll be ace!


Steve said...

I look forward to Kanye West's "I'm coughing up nothing until I see a DNA test that proves I'm the father, you council estate ho!"

Or something like that. Actually I've only heard of Kanye West because of the Friday Night Project. The only other rappers I could think of were Puff Diddy and Eminem. Cutting edge, me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am not quite sure what you really mean? Commercial singers change their image ALL the time. I cannot understand how you could consider Britney, Nelly, Christina in any way other than that.

It seems dumb. Have you not noticed how much people change their image? Do these people deserve our attention? How many corporate people do you suppose are behind Nelly, Britney, Christina?

Of course they change - just not in a way that makes sense to anyone else.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

It was a 'tongue-in-cheek' kinda posting Dan.

And no, these people are not deserving of our attention.

I blame Radio 4 myself. Had I not been trying to escape the constant siege of Iraqi war news carpetbombing, I'd never have switched over to my local dance musice station and started noticing the irony of Nelly and Natasha lyrics.

Anonymous said...

With all of these sexy cleavage girlbands and singers proliferating these days, I keep thinking back to Pamela Stephenson's wonderful piss-take of Kate Bush on NOT THE NINE O'CLOCK NEWS and the great spoof lyrics:

"People buy my latest hits
To see my latest tits!"

Big Al