Friday, 24 August 2007

A Poem About Shopping

Despite being a girlie, one of lifes' best feelings for me is leaving a fashion shop having whipped through the racks (I'm pretty discerning!) and decided that actually I like what I'm wearing better than anything I've seen in the shop & mmm, the money saved! Then again clothes shops have never been good friends to me, discriminating as they do against any girl with legs longer than the regulatory 31' and slightly longer arms than usual (oddly only to be found in a Size 16 or above jacket, so jackets always drown me!). However even I couldn't fail to be impressed by the retail 'experience' that is London's Kensington High Street. Oh, and it's my only poem with a cameo appearance by Princess Diana, since the 10th anniversary of her death is almost upon us.

Dressing Up Shops

I could be eighty, I could be eighteen
I could be anywhere in-between
In four floors of fashion flatteringly uplit
I’m feeling funky on Kensington High Street
In a store where Princess Di once shopped
Giggling with her girlfriends in carefree incognito
On the days she preferred privacy to paparazzi
Perfectly pitched beat is pumping through every vent
Consultant-engineered to evoke retail therapy excitement
The mirrors are slightly convex for extra slimness
You've got to hand it to them for manipulation thoroughness
And a two-for-one 'new you', can't be bad
This floating-staircased nirvana allows no place to be sad
No option to be reflective, just in control, selective
Aspirational lifestyle for all, with matching accessories
I could be eighty, I could be eighteen
I could be a princess-of-hearts who dreamt of being Queen.
Yes I'm feeling funky on Kensington High Street
Timeless, ageless, but bang up to date
And two outfits have chosen me
Assured me I look great.

© LS King 2007

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Steve said...

Ah how I wish we had a "floating-staircased nirvana" in dear old Leamo! Fabulous phrase!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I think the point is that it's got to be in Kensington High Street to be truly funky!

But Leam has a lovely throwback to the 70's department store I used to really like. Rackhams isn't it? And we have dear old Boswells in Oxford - a dying species of 19th C department store, but enjoying a renaissance I hope. Things are either incredibly expensive in there or incredibly cheap. And they evidently have some wacky buyers including a clock fetishist who keep the stock interesting!